New Digs Coming Soon

February 01, 2016


A couple weeks ago, I got out of town for a few days to update my strategy for my one-person studio, Craft+Story, and make a plan for the year ahead. I even formed a mission statement after almost four years of Craft+Story; I honestly don't think every one-man operation needs a written mission statement, but I obviously think while writing and the act of making one made me think about what I want to accomplish. Anyway, I realized that my sole mission in everything (Craft+Story, past jobs, and this blog) has always been about helping others grow (and really not in the cheesy way that everybody writes growth as their unique offering). I like to see my employees grow into bigger and better jobs (not always with me), I love seeing my clients grow beyond what they thought possible, and I like writing on here with the hope that I might help somebody else like me learn a little or get inspired to grow in the same way that so many others have helped me.


So, why am I writing this? A large part of my new strategy (and the part you'll see first) is a renewed focus on this site including an updated design and some tweaking of the branding. It will finally be responsive (like every other site I've built for years now). I'm switching from Expression Engine to TYPO3 to play with some new techniques. I'm going to update the look and branding to match who I am now, a few years older and wiser (including going from the cool but incomprehensible Pocket Revolutionary to just my name, Jeremy Greenawalt). Finally, I hope to be more focused in my writing about the technical, creative, and business sides of my life. Selfishly, I would not mind if some people liked my point of view enough that they reached out to hire me (just being honest).


Again, why am I posting this? Partially, I want to commit myself publicly to this update. I've been working on a new version of this site off and on for about half a year, but I obviously did not put a high priority on it until I realized it was part of my mission. Mainly, though, just the act of writing this post is already getting me to write again for publication (and not just proposals or reports). It's a tiny step, but starting small is a great way to get momentum (it's also how I went from a daily walk to lose weight to a 15k run next weekend, but I might talk about that later).